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Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio: 5 Reasons for agencies to use it today

Data Visualization & Reporting Never Looked So Good For free!

Let Google Data Studio, monthly analytics reports, make you look like a data mining genius. Businesses will appreciate the opportunity to learn valuable information about their audience in a story format that can be readily consumed. Although this reporting has been available to those marketing agencies with deeps pockets, Google Data Studio is NOW FREE; so you and your clients have seamless, anywhere, anytime reporting at your fingertips.

Google Data Studio beautiful visual reports allow you to segment out marketing channels that are important to you, your boss, client and bottom line. Reports can provide specific, easy to read reports for organic, AdWords, social, mobile, preferred entry pages, sessions, conversions, goals, geo info, media events and more.

#1 Live reporting capabilities: you and your client(s) can enjoy having immediate access to reports with one simple login. Your clients can select time periods that they can review when they want from anywhere they want. You can have unique pages that explicitly report one channel at a time or multiple channels, each graph, table or chart has their own data source. You can generate reports that share and can compare data from specific time periods such as period-over-period and year-over-year – it is up the viewer to select the time period(s) that are important to them.

#2 Turn Your Data Into Beautiful, Informative, Reports that make is easier for clients to engage. Sometimes you can have all of the right data but it n be hard for bosses or clients to consume. Data studio provides you with all of the graphic tools to tell your story without having to be a graphic designer.  Now your clients can visualize metrics, See examples of the capabilities below:

Google_Analytics_sample report for Google data studio free trial

C:\Users\miche_000\Desktop\MarketingSense\New Website\Adwords_Example_Report_using_Google_Data_Studio.png













#3 Import important data into your reports using the connectors, which link your data sources. this makes for faster and seamless data merging. If you use other tools to store data such as BigQuery or Cloud SQL. A “data source” is like a pipeline to your underlying data. When you first edit a copied report, you may need to add any data sources back to the report. This makes sure that  you have access to the data.(Google)











#5 Teams Can Work Collaboratively on one report with a simple share invite. If you have an urgent report request and your team is unable to meet together to contribute necessary data, no worries. A lot of marketing businesses have remote staff and coordinating schedules can sometimes be impossible. Google has added a great feature so each team member, can be in the report simultaneously contributing their data sets.

Learn More About creating live, interactive reports and dashboards – now free click here


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