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Setting Up Google Expanded Text Ads

Google Ad Expansion Is Helping Business Tell A Better Story

Expanded text ads are Googles new ad size format that offers businesses more characters and the opportunity to finally have adequate ad copy real estate to share important messaging that will help to maximize and increase the potential for conversions.

Expanded text ads are optimized for the screen sizes of the most popular smartphones and feature two headlines, each with 30 characters, and one long 80-character description line. That’s nearly 50% more ad text for you to highlight your products and services.


  • Longer headlines increase the clickable space of your ads, communicate more to someone who’s searching, and further qualify the clicks that you receive.
  • The content and quality of your headlines matters and will determine how well your ads perform.


  • Rethink your entire ad creative: Don’t simply add a second headline to your existing ads.
    • Why: Building a connection with someone through an ad can be tough. Additional characters allow you to provide consumers with more insight into your offering.
  • Use keyword insertion and ad customizers if you have a lot of ads to maintain.
    • Why: You can tailor your creative to a user’s search while reducing your management overhead, including in your URL navigation fields.

To help you get started, our best practices guide walks through tips and tricks for creating and optimizing expanded text ads. For example:
• Rethink your entire ad creative, with a focus on your headlines to maximize performance
• Create and test multiple expanded text ads for each ad group so you can determine what creative performs best for your business

See the difference below visually but also appreciate the power of the new ad copy when you have adequate ad copy real estate!

Google Expanded Text Ads Image


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