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Higher Click Thru Rates

Keyword & Ad Position Audits Benefit Your Business

Increase click thru rates (CTR’s), decrease the cost per click (CPC) and gain more conversions.

The most important metric is whether the campaign is pacing to hits its overall goal. Pay Per Click campaigns offer many rich data points and sometimes, the biggest burden is just…”where do I start?”  Increasing your Click-Thru-Rate (CTR) while trying to keep your cost per click down (CPC) is the the ultimate strategy when managing Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click & Bing Ad campaigns.

Optimization techniques should include conducting a keyword audit which helps to evaluate new keywords, terminating the engagement of others  as Keyword Audits & Ad Performance Audits FameHouse PPC Auditng Firm Seattlewell as ad position optimization. FameHouse suggests that is you are using the auction share tools in your audit that keep in mind that Google reports are strictly for Google Adwords Campaigns But, Bing Ads will show for both itself and competitors and you may be better keeping your data segmented to get the best data metrics.

Keywords Audits: You want to look for keywords that are spending budget but not gaining conversions while also employing new keywords and terminating ineffectual ones too.

Ad Position Optimization: See how your ad are scoring leads from which positions. Keep an eye on your ad positions for multiple reasons – ad position because this data will tell how likely the ad will convert based on its position(s), it’s relevancy and engage-ability. This audit can tell you how to gain clicks earlier in the buyers, buying behavior.

Search Impressions Share: Search impression share should always be included as part of your PPC dashboard especially when you are conducting an Google Adwords or Bing Ads audit.

Incorporating these three tools as part of your conversion rate optimization audit will give you better insights on buyer behaviors and the information you need  in order to engage in a PPC marketing campaign that will cost you less and deliver higher conversions. If your positioning is not optimal then you may decide to bid a bit higher in the auction share so you can optimize your ad position and still convert higher than before.

By integrating a keyword and ad position audit as part of your monthly and quarterly reviews will make any business more relevant when buyers are searching.

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