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Interactive Video Marketing

Interactive Video Marketing Is Vital To Customer Life Cycles.

So what is video marketing and why has its time come? Interactive video is platform agnostic – works across ALL platforms and utilizes video to campaign for brand awareness, engagement, conversion, retention, and advocacy of your most attractive audience segments, all while using the marketing channels you already know and love. Google, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube, and social.

Video is simply a rich way to tell your story. Video marketing captures the attention of an audience that is increasingly impatient, demanding, and advertising adverse. The powerful combination of moving pictures and sound have enchanted society for over 100 years. This active audience chooses when they want to interact. Video doesn’t just educate; it invites consideration with a naturally persuasive disposition.

The Impact Of Choice:

Video and web work together in an entirely new way to build next level customer experiences. Give your your customers what they want in the way they choose:Internet and interactive video advertising - Seattle's video advertising agency.

  • 89% want control over the ads they’re shown online
  • 57% want to find content on their own vs. through advertising
  • 64% will spend more time watching video if they can participate

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