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Know Your Audience

Content marketing produces about 3 times as many leads

per dollar as paid search but getting those leads requires knowing your audience. Let’s looks at the real estate market, research show that 90% of home buyers use the internet to search for their home. So it stands to reason that search based marketing would be an effective means to generate real estate leads, but research also shows that 78% of people like to get to know a company through compelling content rather than ads.

So we know that compelling content is the way to go but how do we get there.

Know your audience

Before you run off an create great content it pays to identify the buyers you’re looking to target, otherwise you might create awesome content but not awesome leads.  Let’s look at real estate again, home buyers and sellers represent a very diverse group in particular when looking at age. Age is a great place to start when creating categories since the buyer needs of the late baby boomer (ages 48-57) are significantly different from that of generation X (ages 33 – 47).

Let’s dive into what a late baby boomer buyer persona might look like.

Background information

Interested in purchasing a second home as a vacation destination. Don’t want to spend a lot of money since it’s not their primary residence.


  • 19% of late boomers compromised on the homes they purchase
  • 32% plan to live in their homes for 16+ years
  • 21% have a second home
  • 13% have owned investment properties

Now that you have your personas set you’ll want to look at you inventory and to see how it relates to your various personas. In this case let’s assume that your housing market has some vacation homes that are in need of repair or in foreclosure this would be a great time to write blog titled ” 5 questions to ask when buying a vacation home out of foreclosure”. The end result will be a compelling piece of content that highlights your knowledge of the market and you’ll be able use it again and again to generate leads.

It will take some upfront time to get your personas set but its time well spent that will result in more leads and more deals.

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