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Link Facebook Posts To Twitter

Link Facebook Posts To Twitter 

Facebook has a great app that will allow your Facebook Posts to automatically populate a tweet! Here’s how we do it –

Here is a quick guide to link your Facebook posts to Twitter:Facebook advertising agency seattle

  1. Open up two tabs in your browser be it: Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla  – the browser of your choice.
  2. In the first tab: Log into you companies Facebook account.
  3. Open the second tab: enter the following link . That page will open up and display the FB business(s) your email is associated with (see screen shot below).
  4. Link to Twitter as (your Twitter Account name) Don’t forget to save your changes!


Facebook Super Hero TipsAhh Success, Now your work flow has opened up more time for you to write more great information your fans will appreciate. Now when you post on your personal or corporate Facebook page, your Twitter account will automatically post making you look like a Facebook Superhero!

To Unlink Twitter From Facebook: 
follow the same first 4 steps but this time instead of linking, you will choose the ‘unlink from Twitter’ option then save your changes.




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