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If you haven’t already tapped into your mobile audience you are placing your business at a disadvantage. A mobile strategy extends far beyond having a mobile-friendly website all set up. Is your mobile marketing complete? Not quite.

Your website is the starting point—not the finish line—for your mobile marketing. Since the majority of the world’s Internet traffic is delivered to a tablet or smartphone, it’s critical that you have your mobile infrastructure is in place and performing across all mobile platforms.

Is Your Audience Mobile Rich?

Don’t get fooled by mobile metrics. Some businesses may only see 40% of their audience is from mobile users and may not feel that their crowd is mobile friendly. If you haven’t developed or engaged in a mobile marketing strategy you are missing out on a lead rich audience. Mobile makes up the majority of the internet searches and you need to put ‘mobile’ in your mobile marketing and start engaging your your prospects were they are hanging out. Let’s take a look at some of the ways your business can use mobile marketing beyond a responsive website.

Mobile Friendly Email Marketing

Mobile_Ready_Email_MarketingAccording to Litmus, mobile now makes up the majority of email opens. Many people, this author included, often use their smartphone as a de facto junk filter. Whether in bed, in a meeting, or cooling off at the gym, we quickly skim through our inbox and hit delete to anything that doesn’t seem interesting or isn’t optimized for a mobile device.

It’s not enough to have a “mobile-friendly” email template. You need it to be a responsive template. Email templates that are only listed as mobile-friendly often look ugly on a desktop, hurting your brand. Responsive templates, on the other hand, optimize the font size and design based on the viewers’ screen dimensions.


Mobiel friendly social media campaignsSocial Media

Your customers are friend-ing, following, and networking with people on the go. They’re liking, favorit-ing, and sharing the content, contests and promotions from their favorite businesses, while they’re waiting in line, watching TV, or—God help them—driving.

Some platforms, like Twitter and Instagram, were born into mobile. Other platforms, like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, have all improved their mobile interface to the point where it sometimes exceeds the desktop experience. The good news is that any of the content you publish to these platforms is almost invariably mobile-friendly. By creating engaging content—tweets, well tagged photos, even videos—you can get in front of your audience as they scroll through.

Suggestion: Create small-bite content that provides value to your audience or personifies your brand. Social media is often a better place to build bridges, not to sell them. Always be promoting back to your website and avoid building landing pages that are from 3rd party sources. ALWAYS give your audience the highest brand engagement opportunity and use social to drive people back to your mobile-friendly website. Avoid driving traffic to off-page landing pages such as Instapage, you typically will convert higher and if done correctly, this can drive really high ROI.

Mobile Advertising: Pay-Per-Click

Seattle Mobile Marketing agency.Using a digital marketing platform such as Google Adwords allows you to not only learn a tremendous amount of knowledge about your mobile audience. You can account for how much of your audience is comprised of mobile users BUT you can specifically target them and exclude computers all together. Such platforms offer ad sizes specific to mobile devices but their is still work to be done on your end.  Mobile users require content and ad copy strategies that are unique to mobile users. If you are targeting mobile users, keep in mind, you only have micro-moments with these folks, so you need to make your point fast with clarity and only offer the most important info about your ad copy is going to resolve or offer as a solution. You can do hyper-local targeted ads, which are fantastic when you have a physical location and you’re trying to reach a local audience.

Just make sure that if you’re going to spend money on a mobile advertising campaign, that you’re driving people to a mobile-friendly landing page on YOUR website. 

To-do: Create a budget for mobile advertising and measure your results.

SMS Text Messaging

According to SmartInsights, text message marketing has eight times the engagement rate of email marketing. Combine that with a nearly perfect open rate and the fact people read texts within minutes (or even seconds) of receiving them, and you’ve got a recipe for success. Like email marketing, SMS (short message service, in case you were wondering) should be an opt-in campaign. Just because we can advertise literally in palm of your loyal customers hands, respect is needed here to only text – if you provide enough value, people will give you access.

MMS (multimedia messaging service) marketing, not as common, currently. With MMS you can use pictures, audio, and video to enhance your message. Google and Forrester found that animation, illustration and sound (a video) out performs simple audio ads by 23%.

To-do: If you’re interested in getting started, this article by John Jantsch at American Express’s Open Forum will help.


The fact is, most people listen to podcasts on a mobile device, and the number of people listening to podcasts and the number of podcasts they download are growing. When someone listens to your podcast, you are quite literally inside their head. You can educate, inform, or inspire them while they’re on the go. And podcast hosting platform Libsyn will even turn your podcast into a mobile app for a small fee, greatly increasing your reach.

Suggestion: Check out some podcasts, both in your industry and outside of it, to get a sense of the medium. Entrepreneur on Fire, has a free podcast course that you can check out.


YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and you’ll gain a new level of visibility into the customer journey. There are plenty of video sharing platforms on YouTube. According to some recent stats, more than half of YouTube’s views come from mobile, and mobile viewing sessions are over 40 minutes on average. The same videos that you’re creating for YouTube are being consumed by your audience on a mobile device. And now with YouTube cards, you can annotate your videos with clickable buttons, driving people to your mobile website or landing page. The longer a user views your ad, the higher the lift in two important brand metrics: Awareness and Consideration.

Suggestion: Don’t miss out on this opportunity to brand yourself. There are many ways to participate with you tube if you do not have a video to share. you can use display advertising that appear on videos when they are streaming BUT this does not by any standard, replace creating a video channel or . If you do,  If you’re already creating videos, be sure to add mobile-friendly YouTube cards to your videos to increase your ROI.

Mobile Merchant Services and Rewards Programs

If you’re a business selling goods and service and have the technology to take mobile payments, you may want to consider creating mobile rewards programs to increase customer loyalty and retention plus-  you satisfy that instant gratification for your customers to have anywhere, anytime access to your products and services.


Examples of mobile appsMobile Apps

Mobile apps are designed with the intent to have instant access to customers who are loyal to your brand and require instant access to tools, features and or games. The modern App landscape has placed a huge emphasis on freemium revenue streams to maximize opportunities.  Further, research indicates an App needs to be engaging and impactful within 60 seconds to capture the User.  As well, there is a need for the App to bring the User back within a short timescale – to maximize the engagement opportunities with a high click-through rate. If monetized correctly, apps can create a significant and sustainable revenue stream.

To-do:  From an advertising perspective, avoid advertising on apps like Google GMO apps and other gaming apps (unless that is your target audience) because there are a lot of sloppy clicks that will cannibalize your budget quickly. Turn your attention elsewhere.

Are there other mobile marketing ideas that we didn’t list here? Tell us what we missed or any other thoughts in the comments section below.


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