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Conversion Codes Breaking On WP Sites

Guarantee PPC conversion code performance on WP sites with Google Tag Manager

Ever notice your conversion code tracking for PPC and remarketing tags sometimes for, no reason, stop performing? Google reports WordPress compatibility bug between PPC conversion codes and WP websites. Ahh, there it is, we said it! You will be relieved to know that this is an ongoing WordPress compatibility issue Google worpress-conversion-code-issues-for-google-ppc-codescodes. Google Shared today that the conversions codes, once implemented on WordPress websites actually alters part of the code, that is unnecessary and replaces it randomly implements ampersand symbols and sometimes adds other symbols as well. Don’t give up, there are ways…

FameHouse attempted to rectify the issue one we discovered the odd symbols that were only appearing in unique sections of the code. to overcome the
corruption(s), we instead, only took the core part of the code and placed on the website as directed by Google instructions, as if we were placing the entire code string. See the example of the code string below, we have only used the portion that begins with ‘image’ (highlighted in purple) and only used the code string within the brackets – the only true functioning component of the code. The result? well, we did see a huge improvement for being able to keep our codes going without the corruption for longer periods of time.

<img height=”1″ width=”1″ style=”border-style:none;” alt=”” src=”//;guid=ON&amp;script=0″/>

But we say, why stop there? What about site speed?

Conversion codes can slow down upload speeds for users and in a mobile-first world, we want to eliminate as many complications and streamline a websites performance. Google takes load time seriously so if you are looking to gain or maintain its high performance,  and avoid having your conversion codes break? Then consider option 2!

As we were testing out the most effective solution, we took into consideration load time for our website too. Being aware that event tracking codes can slow down a website’s performance while, also taking into consideration WP code corruptions, Google Tag Manager was going to be our friend. Google Tag Manager is actually an iFrame that holds all of the Google tags including PPC, remarketing codes, schema and other important vendor tags and the alike. The result, smooth sailing and no broken codes!


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