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Social Media Tips to Boost SEO

Social Media Effects That Help SEO – SocialSEO

the better experience you give your users, the higher you’re going to rank in Google

Brands are trying to find the perfect balance for social interaction. In social communications, brands must present themselves in a way that cultivates positive attitudes, increases user engagement, and ultimately results in a more memorable & shareable experience. Understanding the root causes for social media’s effects on SEO can help you better direct and manage your campaign, ultimately giving your users a better experience, and opening the opportunity for new potential customers to find and engage with your brand.

What will you learn from reading this article: After reading this article, you will be able to understand how social media im
pacts SEO, what is and how to achieve optimal SocialSEO and the impact they have on each other, in unison, within SERP’s.  The ultimate internet marketing goal is to occupy the as many of the SERP’s results to squeeze out your competition, be the authority within your competitive landscape.

Growing Your Number of Followers. The total number of followers and social media affects on SEOconnections your social media profiles contain does have a significant influence on your rankings. Don’t waste your money buying followers – Google is smarter than you think and you wont receive the benefit(s) Google authority rating provides. Get out there and grow your followers organically. Yes it can be a long process, but slow and steady wins. Keep in mind that when you do build an audience to engage with, give them something back, communicate with them and get them to talking about your brand and give them some information to interact with on social. Remember, this audience says they like you, they want to be part of your brand so talk to them, learn something about them, learn something from them, learn their needs and in the end-  they are more likely to refer your brand to their friends and peers.

Build & Encourage External Inbound Links. Gaining high qulity content links or traffic back to your site from web sites with high domain authority rankings is a priority goal. Domain authority plays a major roll in Google listing your site with in the SERPS’s results. When your website has a robust or diverse stream of external referring sites Google will increase your domain authority which results in lifting your position with in the organic section of the SERP’s results – under Googles map section. Social media channels such as, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…, work to your advantage when you serve up relevant, useful and consumable content that engages.  Doing so helps you improve your social reputation as an authority within your market share while increasing your external links. The value comes from the audiences engagement and willingness to share info that they feel others can benefit from.

Optimize Post To Gain Better SERP Results. Although it may be temporary, Google favors popular content or post updates and if your post is optimized properly, you may see your social media post in the upper portion of the SERP’s.  When you are reviewing your post strategy, you also have to consider the strong anchor’s SEO strategy too to get the results you desire. To get the desired results, a post requires it to have a strong anchor be it a video, infographic, or a highly-detailed blog,  a title that is strongly search relevant, and a well SEO’d foundation – where the anchor text is sending users.  The addition of adding seasonal keywords will help keep your posts timeliness and increase relevancy. A social optimization strategy for posts such as strong titles, will make your post relevant, demonstrate your authority, and can gain more shares, likes, traffic and clicks to your website. Likes, shares, replies, and retweets all count toward this increased authority.

Conversation Influences Social Shares. When your social media posts deliver brand content worth sharing, liking, retweeting and replying all count towards a sense of preferred content or authority within your social network; much like the domain authority discussion addressed in external inbound links. When you are writing a post keep your readers in mind, speak TO them not AT them – human first then brand. You could have written a post that demonstrates the cure for cancer; but if you sound like you “phoned it in” your are going to sound formulated and risk trustworthiness.  In addition to seeming trustworthy, your brand must be viewed as authoritative in the scope of your competitive landscape. Here are a few converation pointers to help you influence shares:

  • Write for people not for a brand
  • Infuse the brands voice with some unique charms
  • Engage in the conversations
  • Favoritism ‘Stand out from the crowd’, your competition is vying for your social audience too.
  • Value – Offer them something they want! Give your users a reason to come back for more. Not monetarily speaking.

Localize Your Post(s). Locally optimizing your social posts. You do not have to have a brick and mortar store to gain the positive impacts of local-SEO. There is a good chance your business is going to be attending an event, trade show, farmers market, so inform your fans and invite them! If your business has a few local businesses that you prefer to do business with then share that too and reap the rewards from search engines like Google who give authority to local presences  – Localized SEO.

The value for incorporating these steps is brand recognition. Social channels incorporate more than just delivering the same brand message across all social channels but instead offers you an opportunity to give something back to the loyal folks who have chosen to engage with you socially over your competitors. You have created a culture, you have their attention, now give them something of value in return. Use the survey to asks the questions you always wanted to ask your customers, right posts that engage and inspire conversation  and deliver content that not only keeps them coming back but triggers them to share with someone outside of your fan base. It takes methodical planning and strategy and when done right, you get the search engines attention too.

Brands are trying to find the perfect balance for social integration and interaction is a journey not an overnight contest. Just like other marketing platforms, you have to test, survey, audit, reflect, purge and merge data to get answers. In social communications, a brands social barometer – if you will, is how well it cultivates positive attitudes, increases user engagement, and ultimately results in a more memorable & shareable experience. Let’s face it, in order for your brand to make in the social arena, brands need to extend beyond building social circles and getting likes or fans, it is also about getting the search engines to take notice too in a way that benefits your: post ranking(s) within organic search, SEO, and domain authority – Social SEO.


FameHouse Brand IconMichele Jewett, Author/Owner FameHouse. As a Marketing Engagement Strategist I look beyond the marketing checklist and create well thought marketing strategies that not only incorporate the message but also look at how each channel can function symbiotically together to achieve the ultimate in data driven, user engaged, online marketing experiences.


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