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Test Drive Google’s Data Studio Custom Reporting

Google releases free version of Data Studio custom reporting product

Google Announced on May 24th that there a big changes for Google Adwords and Google Analytics tool, that will help you understand your mobile-first customers and bring you closer to closing the data between the mobile and physical worlds. At the end of the Google Ads & Analytics Innovations Keynote presentation, Google offered its attendees and viewers a free beta trial edition of Google Data Studio so non-enterprise level Adwords managers can experience real-time data reports that allow other team members to co-build the report(s) with you!

You can now create a live data report that will pull in data from any date range even when you reset that time frame…the graphs will automatically generate the data specific to reflect that time period and save you time and hassle from having to go pull more screen captures.  It’s simple connect your Adwords, Analytics, YouTube, Google Sheets, and more…and then you can create and customize any data points you require in one report – it’s amazing and beautiful!


  • Interactive reports
  • Easy account syncing
  • Components include charts, annotations (text), and graphical elements (shapes and images).
  • components can be styled and configured to present exactly the view of your data you want.
  • Data sources get their data from a data set, such as a Google Analytics view, a Google Sheet, a BigQuery table, etc.
  • Use filter controls to refine the data.
  • Google Studio Data reports, thru the use of filters, allow you to share your interactive reports with your clients and allows them to view the data that is important to them.

C:\Users\miche_000\Desktop\MarketingSense\New Website\Adwords_Example_Report_using_Google_Data_Studio.png

Google_Analytics_sample report for Google data studio free trial













Data Studio is available for users in the USA now at (It will be available worldwide soon). You can create up to 5 reports and share them with anyone. Check it out!


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