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Understanding Your Buyers Behavior Makes Your Content King

Content Marketing

Aligning Content With The Buyers Journey: Strategy Of Nurture vs. Game Of Chance

What Does Your Content Say or Not Say To Your Buyers about you. Understand the relationship between your content, the buyer behaviors and how an enhanced content strategy makes a difference.

Content Must Align With The Buyers Journey. While it is imperative that companies deliver timely content across multiple marketing
Content_Marketing_strategy_from_content_marketing_strategychannels, they must also have an  intuitive website design plus, tailor messages to resonate with certain types of customers . To achieve this, companies need to understand their buyers behavior. There is no greater reward to both the consumer and business owner, than when you determine what stage of the buying cycle customers are in, as they engage with your content.

Content Must Have Enough Impact To Make Your Company The Preferred Source. Historically salespersons had to interrupt buyers behaviors to attempt a sale. Technology has completely disrupted the sales process, because it provides consumers with instant access to information that makes their lives fun, easier, and more productive and as a result; consumers are more selective about the content they will consume. To capitalize, businesses need to have an enhanced content marketing strategy that will speak to all audiences, while serving up relevant content where consumers are not only searching but, where they are spending most of their time. When a business’ content aligns with the buyers journey they will then be able to successfully communicate with the consumer, every stage of the buyers journey be it: discovery, exploration, engagement or purchasing. Companies must deliver consistent, compelling content that’s designed to addresses the buyers needs at each stage of the buying cycle – is your content going to solve their problem at just the right moment?

Deliver The Message At The Most Opportune Moment. Content marketing’s primary focus should not be about increasing marketing budgets, but instead, focused on building a strategy that will inform, inspire, and engage. To be there, companies must understand which marketing channel(s) are capturing, the richest, healthiest and highest quality leads. Companies must communicate consistently through several channels and use the appropriate channels for each stage of the buying cycle. Content marketing audits analyze your marketing mix to identify channels and tactics that are working and ones that are not.  They also ensure sales and marketing content is aligned with the buyers journey. When the audit is complete, businesses can discover new revenue streams, refinement of existing campaigns and the prevention of budget cannibalization. If you suspect your marketing efforts are not delivering what you’d expect, reach out to FameHouse for a free conversation about where you think you are losing customers, where you’d like to gain them and what you would like to change.

Content Marketing Audits:

  • Determine who the buyers are.
  • How potential buyers interact.
  • What buying stages they go thru.
  • What channels they prefer.
  • What information they need.
  • When are the call to action(s) best served.
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